Portable speakers with personality.

on the side


During the time that I was in between Code42 and Aftercode, I decided to take a stab at building a bluetooth suitcase speaker that I had seen somewhere. It turned out so well, that I couldn't stop building them. The intention was to sell them, which is why I created the Jukebot brand. But each one I made was so cool, I couldn't actually part with them. Suffice it to say, I have about 10 of these scattered around my house, and I use them on a daily basis. I 'do' occasionally give them to people for birthdays weddings, etc.


I've worked in 2-person agencies and 2,500-person enterprises. I've been the 1,000th person to join and work through the difficulties of a major M&A rebrand. I've also witnessed the challenges of joining at 13 and growing to 500 in less than 4 years. And recently I've gained immense insights from starting from scratch as the first employee, developing a value proposition, identifying product/market fit, and iterating over and over...and over...on messaging and product features. I've worked for clients in healthcare, insurance, medical technology, telecom, SaaS, retail, and non-profit sectors.