1977 + 40 = Party

Saturday, September 30th


Ready. Set. Rummage!

We’re startin’ the day off with live music, craft beer, food trucks, games, and interactive programming at the West End Market of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Tickets are $8 ($10 at the gate). 


Next stop!

When we’re done rummaging we’ll make our way toward Urban Growler – the first brewery on the list, and the first woman-owned microbrewery in Minnesota. If you didn’t eat at Rummage MN, Urban Growler has some tasty brew food. 


Simmer down...

Next brewery! The Beer Hall at Surly Brewing serves a full menu and features as many as 24 Surly beers on tap at any given time. Fun fact: the head brewmaster, Todd Haug, and I were in the MNToyX4 Toyota 4×4 club. Todd has (had?) a badass FJ60. 



I booked an executive suite at Le Méridien for the night. Now we relax a little, play some games, order food, and decide what path the night will take. Perfect time to meet up with us if you didn’t come out earlier. There is only one bed (and a couch), but anyone that needs to crash here is welcome at the end of the night.

Now, it's time to

choose our adventure...

Option 1

We stay in Uptown and hit up places like Up-Down (games), Herkimer (bags), the VFW (karaoke), Moto-I and LynLake Brewery. Finish up at Volstead’s speakasy. Lots of options here. 

Option 2

We hit the northeast breweries, which has some options itself: Indeed, Able, Sociable, 612, and Bauhaus OR Pryes, Fulton, Modist, and Inbound (who has live music at 7). 

Cool? Now...

cast your vote!