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The Code42 creative department serviced all aspects of the company, from consumer and enterprise marketing, to enterprise sales, product marketing, product management and internal corporate events and initiatives. I lead the redesign and brand re-architecture of Code42 and its products in 2014. The brand guide below is the result of a corporate rebrand in preparation for moving the brand architecture toward a master brand and a tighter focus on the enterprise market.

Code42 Brand Guide - 17MB

brand identity

The CrashPlan product identities were also updated for a more consistent look, but the move to a master brand had not yet taken place. Below is a sample of the executive presentation I assembled to help the executive team understand the pros and cons of different brand architectures to determine what was best for Code42 looking into the future.

brand unveiling

The new branding was set to be unveiled during our yearly company kickoff in January 2015. About 3 hours before the all hands meeting for our 400+ employees, the CEO called and asked if I would introduce the brand and sites, which were set to go live as soon as employees returned to their desks, where new swag packs also awaited them. This is the presentation I put together at 6am that morning, excluding my live commentary.

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Part of transitioning to a new brand architecture involves identifying every single identity outlet, and every aspect of those outlets, from installer icons to the words on the screen. Anything that gets left out introduces inconsistency and confusion on the part of the user. This was a massive undertaking for us, particularly because we were also unifying unique domain names under a new master domain. What you see below is just from the application POV. There is an even larger marketing brand universe.

creative team

The team you see below was one of the best, most capable and fun teams I have ever worked with, and as the first job in which I was able to hire a team, I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment. What you see on this page and the CrashPlan page is 100% a result of these people – almost nothing was outsourced in the 5 years I was at Code42. Below the team, you can see how relationships were managed with 4 products and 6 internal departments.

Team Organization + WORKFLOW

site design

company culture / internal brand


I've worked in 2-person agencies and 2,500-person enterprises. I've been the 1,000th person to join and work through the difficulties of a major M&A rebrand. I've also witnessed the challenges of joining at 13 and growing to 500 in less than 4 years. And recently I've gained immense insights from starting from scratch as the first employee, developing a value proposition, identifying product/market fit, and iterating over and over...and over...on messaging and product features. I've worked for clients in healthcare, insurance, medical technology, telecom, SaaS, retail, and non-profit sectors.