Hi, I'm Tim Cothran. I'm currently the Digital Experience Design Lead for Bremer Bank.

Throughout my career I've become well versed in as many areas of design as possible, which has made me particularly effective as an in-house creative director, capable of building and executing almost all of a company's creative needs with little to no outsourcing. My skills and experience include packaging, branding and identity, environmental design, photography and videography, marketing campaigns and collateral, UX/UI and product design, and site design and implementation.


From January 2010 to November 2015, I built and led a 14-person in-house creative team, during which time Code42 grew from 13 to 500+ people and $186M in funding.


Prior to transitioning to a master brand, Code42 was essentially known only for its home product, CrashPlan.



In February 2016, I joined Aftercode as the first employee with two of the co-founders of Code42, and prepared to develop our first AI-powered app.


In November 2016, Aftercode began development on Rambl, an AI-powered calling platform for inside sales teams, which officially launched in May 2018.


Inkit needed a site and brand refresh to appear more legitimate during their search for funding.

on the side

I have a variety of interests that occupy my time – whenever I actually have time, that is.


I've worked in 2-person agencies and 2,500-person enterprises. I've been the 1,000th person to join and work through the difficulties of a major M&A rebrand. I've also witnessed the challenges of joining at 13 and growing to 500 in less than 4 years. And recently I've gained immense insights from starting from scratch as the first employee, developing a value proposition, identifying product/market fit, and iterating over and over...and over...on messaging and product features. I've worked for clients in healthcare, insurance, medical technology, telecom, SaaS, retail, and non-profit sectors.